Centre of Excellence hosts first ever SPS training course in the Czech Republic

To respond to the threat of potential chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks, the Nuclear Defence Centre of Excellence held the first CBRN training course in June for first responders in Vyskov, the Czech Republic.

The course set out to prepare first responders for a possible CBRN incident. The focus of much of the training was the development of a sound civil emergency plan, cooperation agreements between first responders and more in-depth national training on how to handle CBRN agents.

The project was sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, bringing 18 first responders together from Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Ally experts also attended the course, which ran for five-days as an intensive training.

"Not only was this the first time the Centre of Excellence hosted an SPS training course, but it was also the first time a partner from the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative - the United Arab Emirates - participated in an SPS event," Science Advisor at NATO Dr. Eyup Kuntay Turmus said.

The course provided a solid foundation for countries to respond effectively and safely to CBRN incidents within their own borders and how to cooperate with one another on a regional level. It is hoped this will be the first of many activities in which the Centre of Excellence and CBRN response organizations collaborate.