Smith Detection HazMatID Elite wins Gold

Smith Detection's HazMatID Elite won the Gold Award for Excellence in Design at the 26th Annual Excellence in Design Awards, which was run by Appliance Design Magazine.

Elite is the newest model of HazMatID, the most popular field-portable liquid and solid chemical identifier used worldwide. It is a portable Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy identified which can identify hazardous chemical and biological substances in less than 60 seconds. HazMatID Elite can detect thousands of materials, including explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics, powders and chemical warfare agents.

"HazMatID Elite was specifically designed with easy-to-use functionality to provide military and first responders with quick chemical analysis and identification in challenging scenarios," Smith Detection Managing Director and Vice President of Sales in the Americas Lance Roncalli said. "Its design advantages and superior technology help reduce the threats from potentially hazardous unknown substances."

Appliance Design Magazine is intended for design engineers in the medical appliance, durable goods, global, and commercial industries. The Gold Award represents the best in creativity, user-friendliness and visual appeal.