Battelle, NxStage and Aethlon win DARPA contract

A group consisting of Battelle, NxStage Medical, Inc. and Aethlon Medical announced on Tuesday that they won a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a new medical device capable of treating sepsis.

The contract is funded in phases and could amount to as much as $22.8 million. The project asks Battelle and its partners to design, develop, test and validate an advanced, portable medical device capable of treating sepsis.

"This device could not only save many of our soldier's lives, it could be profoundly important in saving thousands of civilian lives each year in the United States alone," Martin Toomajian, president of Battelle Energy, Health and Environment, said.

Sepsis is a major issue in the military, with as many as 10 percent of wounded soldiers contracting life threatening infections that lead to sepsis. The device would also play a role in civilian lives as well.

For the project, the Battelle team will focus on military user needs, systems engineering, integration of DLT technologies and pre-clinical testing, while NxStage will focus on the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of the medical device. Aethlon will develop plans to distribute key blood separation component technologies.

"NxStage is pleased to be chosen as part of this team based upon our recognized expertise in developing and commercializing innovative, portable technology for the purification of blood, which includes use of the System One in the military environment," Jeffrey H. Burbank, CEO of NxStage, said. "We are confident that our leadership in device design will lead to a good outcome for this important DARPA project, ultimately benefitting military personnel and civilians alike."