ICAN recounts successes of Nuclear Abolition Week 2013

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons recently praised the participation of people throughout the world in Nuclear Abolition Week 2013.

Between July 6 and July 13, participants from North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa held conferences, meetings, film screenings, exhibitions and other activities in support of the cause against nuclear weapons. More than five hundred people shared their shadows in solidarity with victims of nuclear detonations and thousands signed ICAN's online petition for a treaty that would ban nuclear weapons.

The Share Your Shadow public outreach initiative is a campaign meant to raise awareness of the humanitarian consequences caused by nuclear weapons. When a nuclear weapon explodes, the blast vaporizes the living beings in its path, burning their shadows into the wall. These nuclear shadows are still visible in Nagasaki and Hiroshima today. The people who shared shadows included Óscar Arias, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Angela Kane, the U.N. high representative for disarmament affairs, and Jack Steinberger, a Nobel Prize laureate in physics.

In May, ICAN launched an online petition calling for U.N. states to begin negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. ICAN campaigners collected more than 5,000 signatures from 126 different countries from people requesting that their governments take action for a nuclear ban.

ICAN is a global campaign coalition working to mobilize people throughout the world to persuade, inspire and pressure their governments to support negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.