NIMBioS wins $18 million renewal award from National Science Foundation

The National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis announced on Wednesday that is has been given a $18 million renewal award from the National Science Foundation.

The award will cover the next five years and renews the current work of NIMBioS. An award of $16 million was given by the NSF in 2008 to initially fund NIMBioS's work.

"Since many of today's significant scientific challenges require the convergence of multiple fields to find creative solutions, the scientific activities that NIMBioS has fostered have been highly interdisciplinary and have involved collaborations between researchers from vastly diverse backgrounds," Louis Gross, NIMBioS director and founder, said.

The award was given to NIMBioS so it can continue its interdisciplinary efforts to develop novel mathematical approaches to problems across biology. The applications of these new mathematical approaches can be used from the level of the genome to individuals to entire ecosystems. The recent renewal award will help to continue NIMBioS' efforts in animal infectious diseases while expanding other areas like biological engineering.

"NIMBioS is pleased to be able to continue to build new collaborations among diverse researchers and educate future leaders of interdisciplinary science," Gross said.

NIMBioS, established in 2008, has had over 3,500 researchers from every state and more than 55 countries participate in scientific activities such as workshops and group meetings.