Greece confirms libel complaint against former U.N. Ambassador Wallace

The Office of the Athens District Attorney in Greece announced on Wednesday it has confirmed receipt of a criminal complaint for libel against former United Nations Ambassador Mark D. Wallace.

Wallace is accused of widely publishing letters, claims and publications that give false statements about Victor Restis and his companies, First Business Bank and Enterprises Shipping and Trading SA. Wallace was also an ambassador to the non-government organization United Against Nuclear Iran.

Wallace reportedly said that Restis' companies "are front-men for the illicit activities of the Iranian regime" and that "Restis has provided unethical - indeed illegal - support to the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and its affiliate, National Iranian Tanker Company."

The criminal complaint was filed by Enterprises Shipping and Trading Company SA, Golden Energy Marine Corporation and Restis. The Athens District Attorney's Office confirmed that it received a complaint against Wallace and UANI, and that it forwarded the complaint, along with any necessary materials, to the Athens Magistrate Court. In the Greek Criminal Code, libel is a criminal offense that can be punished by imprisonment.