U.S. Energy Department launches new resource page for Manhattan Project

On the 68th anniversary of the Trinity nuclear weapon test, the U.S. Department of Energy launched a web-based resource to disseminate information on the Manhattan Project to students, scholars and the general public.

The department launched the website on Tuesday, 68 years to the day after scientists from the Manhattan Project tested a device fueled with approximately 13 1/2 pounds of plutonium on the Alamogordo Bombing Range in southern New Mexico. The bomb detonated with an explosive yield of approximately 21 kilotons. The test was the culmination of three years and more than $2 billion invested to develop an atomic bomb.

"The Manhattan Project: Resources" is a collaboration between the Department of Energy's Office of Classification and its Office of History and Heritage Resources. The site contains a multi-page, simple to read and navigate history that provides a comprehensive Manhattan Project overview. The Manhattan Project: Resources also contains the fully declassified, 35-volume Manhattan District History as commissioned by General Leslie Groves in late 1944.

The brings together a significant amount of material, much of it never previously released. The department said the site should appeal to both an academic audience and the casual reader.

The Department of Energy is the direct descendent of the Manhattan Project and it continues to manage the nuclear weapons program of the U.S.