IAEA holds fourth Workshop for Diplomats on Nuclear Law

The International Atomic Energy Agency held its fourth Workshop for Diplomats on Nuclear Law on Monday in Vienna, Austria to educate Member States on the multiple facets of nuclear law.

The workshop strived to educate all attendees on all facets of nuclear law with regard to the implementation of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety. Presentations were given to attendees covering topics such as international legal tools for nuclear safety, nuclear security and safety measures, civil responsibility for nuclear damage and the details of IAEA's legislative assistance program.

"The number and complexity of international instruments adopted in the areas of nuclear safety, security, safeguards and liability have significantly increased over the years," IAEA Legal Adviser and Director of the Office of Legal Affairs Peri Lynne Johnson said. "Consequently, there has been a growing need in Members States for the Agency to provide advice on the contents of these instruments in an overarching manner."

The IAEA OLA conducted three similar workshops in 2006, 2008 and 2012 that received positive reviews. The IAEA OLA decided to conduct these workshops on a continual basis due to the importance of nuclear law.