Congressman Turner: U.S. needs to increase missile defense

U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces Mike Turner said on July 10 that the Obama Administration should have prepared more for nuclear threats.

Turner's response coincided with the release of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center's Ballistic and Cruise Missile Report, which analyzes missile threats to the U.S. The report is released annually.

"This report confirms what many in the intelligence community have been saying for years - the global threat of missile attack is increasing," Turner said.

Turner argued that missile technology is increasing in enemy nations, which may soon mean a ballistic missile strike can reach the U.S. homeland.

"Adversaries, including North Korea and Iran, are actively pursuing weapons systems which could have the ability to target the homeland," Turner said.

There have been a series of initiatives from the United Nations to disarm the world of weapons of mass destruction. Turner argued that the Obama Administration should have continued developing its missile defense to respond to these newly developed and very real threats.

"Those who say we don't need a robust missile defense program cannot deny this expert analysis or ignore its warnings," Turner said. "For too long the Obama Administration has allowed our missile defense program to languish when they should have been working to prepare for these imminent threats."