Chinese residents complain about North Korea's nuclear tests

Residents in northeastern China complained about environmental damage caused by North Korea's third nuclear test, which put a wedge between the countries' relationship, South Korea Consul General of Seoul Cho Baek-sang said on Sunday.

Cho is stationed in Shenyang, a northeastern Chinese city, and said residents from three providences have filed complaints with the Beijing government regarding environmental pollution caused by North Korea's third nuclear test in February.

"As they are close in distance to North Korea, concerns about environmental pollution are high among residents in the three northeastern provinces," Cho said. "They are naturally concerned about water quality as well."

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told South Korean President Park Geun-hye during a meeting in June that the water quality in the Amnok River has plummeted as a result of the nuclear test. The conflict goes beyond environmental damage, as China has also taken a political stand against North Korea's nuclear testing.

China previously supplied a considerable amount of aid and diplomatic support to North Korea until North Korea conducted its long-rang rocket launch in December. China contested the idea of North Korea conducting nuclear tests and has decreased trade with the country following the testing.

Cho reported that North Korea has increased its border and travel restrictions, discouraging travel to China, and said that although it seems the relationship between the two countries has taken a turn for the worse he doubts the nations will cease all interactions.