Raytheon target acquisition system achieves proof of concept

Raytheon Company announced on Monday that its 3rd Generation Forward Looking Infrared Improved Target Acquisition System successfully achieved proof of concept.

The proof of concept tests involved showing the 3rd Generation ITAS FLIR's improved sensor performance and enhanced situational awareness. The tests were done both in the laboratory and in the field, with some evaluation coming from the impact firing of all versions of the TOW missiles. The U.S. Army's Close Combat Weapons Systems and Army Aviation and Missile Research and Development Engineering Center were present for all tests.

"Raytheon's FLIR improvement program provides warfighters with better clarity at all ranges, allowing them to identify targets and differentiate between combatants and non-combatants at greater stand-off ranges," Jeff Miller, vice president of Combat and Sensing Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems, said. "Implementing 3rd Gen ITAS FLIR improvements will continue to give our warfighters in the field an unfair advantage in the fight."

The ITAS is used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps to provide a highly mobile solution to deal with adverse weather and day/night capabilities. The newest generation of ITAS combines the near-and-wide fields of view with ultra-narrow and ultra-wide fields of view. The addition of FLIR capabilities allows ITAS to see in long and short-wave infrared and high-definition resolution.