Senator Corker calls for Obama to make decision on Afghanistan forces

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said in a hearing on Thursday that President Obama needs to make a decision regarding the number of U.S. forces that will remain in Afghanistan after 2014.

"The administration has got to make a decision on what the force structure is going to be in Afghanistan," Corker said. "Our allies are going to have difficulty provisioning if we wait much longer. Capital outflows out of Afghanistan are increasing dramatically, which is causing the economy to be less than it could, because we have yet to state what we're going to do, generally speaking, as it relates to force structure."

Reports from earlier in the week hinted that Obama may be leaving zero U.S. troops in Afghanistan. This decision would be based off current pressure from within the U.S. and from actions and rhetoric from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Corker urged the president to ignore all the current pressures and make his decision based on what would be best for the U.S.

"I'm asking this administration to look beyond Karzai--he's going to be gone in April--to look at our national interest, to make some decisions with clarity and show some world leadership, and do the things that we need to do as a nation to support these outstanding men and women in uniform that have sacrificed life and limb, the taxpayers that have sacrificed precious dollars, and move on with this," Corker said.