New Disaster Prep launches chemical weapon identification tool

New Disaster Prep announced on Thursday the release of a new training tool for military personnel, public safety officials and emergency first responders that teaches how to readily detect chemical weapons by using sight, touch and scent.

The new tool uses interactive training cards that give words, information, images and rub-for-scent smells that allow first-responders to familiarize themselves with chemical weapons through the senses. Each card set comes in its own Training Card Briefcase and should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.

The cards were manufactured by First Responder Prep LLC to allow for easier chemical weapon detection. Most chemical weapons have a unique odor and trainers believe if first responders can link that scent to the correct weapon, they can know how to properly handle a chemical incident.

It is believed the nose is the most direct pathway to the brain. The cards, if rubbed, produce the same scent as a given chemical weapon, allowing first responders to make that connection in their brains. The hands-on training is likely more effective than simply reading about chemical weapons in a book.

The Chemical Weapon ID Training Cards are now available for use.