Sen. Corker: Plan to arm opposition forces in Syria would cause chaos

The Obama administration's proposal to arm opposition forces in Syria have raised concerns from U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who said the plan is unacceptable and would cause further chaos.

"After months of division about what to do in Syria, the administration's secret plan to arm the opposition has only led to further delay, as chaos and destruction in the region worsen," Corker said. "It is unacceptable to hide such a fundamental foreign policy matter from the vast majority of Congress and the American people. This approach is not appropriate, and it just wastes time at the expense of our national interests. The administration should put forth a viable plan for Syria and make the case to Congress and the American people before it's too late."

The propsoal to arm opposition forces stems from alleged claims that the Assad regime has been using chemical weapons in Syria. Supplying opposition forces with combat arsenal would ideally help bring the Assad regime to an end.

The only Congress members briefed on the full details of the plan to deliver weapons to opposition forces are those in the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. Corker, a ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, voiced his dislike of the process and believes the American people and Congress should also be informed of the details of the plan.

Corker coauthored the Syria Transition Support Act, which passed out of the Foreign Relations Committee with a 15-3 vote May 21. The policy supplies vetted opposition groups in Syria with training and arms to devise an improved strategy to oust Assad and lead the national after his fall.