Fort Leonard Wood opens CBRN training facility

Fort Leonard Wood held an opening ceremony for its Lt. Joseph Terry Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear First Responder Training Facility on June 28.

"The new wing will allow the facility to increase the number of students each year to more than 2,500," Dan Arden, Lt. Terry Facility director, said, according to the Rolla Daily News.

The opening ceremony was held in combination with the 95th anniversary of the Chemical Corps Regiment, the Rolla Daily News reports.

The Chemical corps is a branch of the United States Army that specializes in defending against CBRN weapons and threats. The corps was founded in World War I as the Chemical Warfare Service and later changed its name to the Chemical Corps in 1946.

Fort Lenard Wood is located in the Missouri Ozarks. The fort was created in 1940 and was originally intended to house infantry. In 1941, however, it became an engineer training post.

The new expansion of Fort Leonard Wood is the most unique training facility in the Department of Defense. The facility contains a cave complex, railroad, urban terrain, pre-positioned car and truck wrecks, laboratories, classrooms and conducts tours, the Rolla Daily News reports.

Training in the new facility is set to start in August.