U.S. urges EAS members to use available tools in battle against proliferation

The U.S. urges all members of the East Asian Summit to embrace available tools in the fight against nuclear proliferation, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.

Kerry made the statement at the East Asia Summit ministerial on Tuesday in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. He said the U.S. wants to maintain peace and prosperity across the entire region. Kerry said nonproliferation was one of the four key challenges facing the region today.

"As President Obama reaffirmed last month in Berlin, peace with justice means pursuing the security of a world without nuclear weapons," Kerry said. "The United States remains committed to that goal, and will work with our partners to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. We will also work toward a new international framework for peaceful nuclear power, and work to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty."

Kerry said the U.S. rejects Iran and North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and will do what it can to enforce an international nonproliferation system.

He also stressed the desire for all EAS members to use the principles of the Proliferation Security Initiative and the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreement in the fight against proliferation.

"We recognize that many of you are making very serious efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and promote peaceful use of nuclear energy, and we hope that all EAS members will fully embrace the available tools in the fight against proliferation - including endorsing PSI principles and bringing into force the additional protocol to your IAEA safeguards agreement," Kerry said.