OPCW holds regional workshop on peaceful uses of chemistry in South Korea

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons co-organized a workshop last week with the National Authority of South Korea on the peaceful uses and development of chemistry, the OPCW announced on Tuesday.

The three-day workshop included participants from 17 states parties in the Asia region, including South Korea, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Philippines, Mongolia, Malaysia, Jordan, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Participants included government officials responsible for the chemical industry, members of chemical associations, chemists, academics and representatives of the national authority.

The workshop was put together to respond to a decision by the 16th session of the OPCW's Conference of the States Parties in 2010. The event was meant to promote international cooperation programs focusing on outreach to the chemical industry on industry-related aspects of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Based on South Korea's experiences in industrial development and chemical technology, the workshop tried to enhance national capacities in the region.

The agenda of the workshop covered growth and development of South Korea's chemical industry, implementation of the CWC, challenges facing Asia's chemical industry and the export control system.

Participants also visited the Lotte chemical plant at the Daesan petrochemical complex to learn about the facility's efforts to promote chemical safety.