Kerry gives statement after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

After a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry gave a statement regarding their meeting.

Kerry said that the meeting was constructive and was very useful for both sides, something they both agreed on. He said that while they talked about many issues, their main focus was on the current situation in Syria.

"On Syria, we had a very in-depth conversation..." Kerry said. "We agreed that we are both serious, more than serious - committed to the Geneva process, and we both agreed that our countries have an ability to be able to make a difference if we can pull together in that effort."

Kerry sa8id that they made progress towards building on some of the issues discussed in Geneva on June 25. They agreed that a conference regarding this issue should happen sooner rather than later.

"What is clear to me coming out of this meeting and what we both wanted to really ascertain from each other is the level of seriousness and the capacity to be able to do this," Kerry said. "Geneva relies on - the next Geneva relies on the work of the first Geneva, which calls for a transitional government with a neutral environment, by mutual consent, with the full transfer of power."