BioFire's FilmArray Blood Culture Identification Panel gains FDA approval

BioFire announced on Tuesday that its blood culture testing unit, the FilmArray Blood Culture Identification Panel, was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FilmArray BCID is a 27-target panel and is the most comprehensive unit on the market with an FDA approval. The unit was created to identify blood pathogens known to cause sepsis, when an infection causes severe damage to the body or death.

The FilmArray BCID can identify 100 pathogens known to cause sepsis quickly, which is key in gaining control over the condition which increases in risk of mortality by 7.6 percent every hour a patient goes untreated. The unit can detect a pathogen in two minutes with a 90 percent accuracy rate.

"We have made it a top priority this year to significantly reduce deaths caused by sepsis, and we plan to use diagnostic tools to help us achieve this goal," Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at Loyola University Medical Center Paul Schreckenberger said. "The faster we get test results, the faster we will be able to apply an optimized treatment plan, thus improving overall patient outcomes including reduced deaths, costs and the length of patient hospital stays."

The FilmArray BCID is the only panel which detects gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and yeast which can cause infections of the bloodstream. It can also detect Carbapenem-resistant Enterob acteriaceae, which is known to cause death in half of its victims.