Rapiscan Systems passes highest ECAC Standard 3 test

Rapiscan Systems, a global security inspection solutions company, announced on Wednesday that its newest baggage scanner passed the European Civil Aviation Conference's Standard 3 testing for threat detection units.

Rapiscan's scanner uses Real Time Tomography Hold Baggage Screening to detect explosive threats from passenger baggage at airports. The unit has the capacity to scan larger luggage than current screening systems allow, due to its larger tunnel size, and can screen 1,800 bags per hour, which is significantly faster than current airport technology.

The unit is intended to make baggage screening updates at the airport simpler. The scanner, named the RTT 100. is meant to be easily integrated into current airport technology.

"We are excited to receive ECAC Standard 3 approval for the RTT suite of next generation CT based inspection systems," Rapiscan Systems President Ajay Mehra said. "ECAC's testing process is one of the most rigorous worldwide and is used by many of the world's business airports, making this an achievement that is relevant for customers globally. Airports that rely on ECAC certified systems now have the ability to select the right mix of RTT models to optimize handling of standard and large baggage while achieving the highest levels of security."