Los Alamos and Tribogenics create new compact X-ray system

Los Alamos National Laboratory and Tribogenics announced on Tuesday that the companies will release a lightweight, portable, compact and low-cost X-ray system that inspects containers and facilities in real-time.

The companies partnered together to create the X-ray system, which uses a MiniMAX camera to get real-time scans of a range of potentially dangerous items. The product will be featured at the International Atomic Energy Agency International Conference on Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts on July 1-5 in Vienna, Austria.

"Cost and portability are the major barriers to expanding the use of X-ray imaging," Scott Watson of Los Alamos' Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation Division said. "We designed MiniMAX to demonstrate that such a system will open up new applications in security inspection, field medicine, specimen radiography and industrial inspection."

The MiniMAX portable weighs less than five pounds and uses an X-ray source, radioisotopic source and prototype source from Tribogenics which operates at 90keV. The device is an alternative to large, fixed and expensive X-ray imaging units.

"We were delighted when Los Alamos approached us to explore a partnership," Tribogenics Chief Scientist Carlos Camara said. "This is exactly the type of breakthrough, portable application we envision for our disruptive X-ray technology."