Kerry says U.S. does not want wider war in Syria

The U.S. will not publicly disclose what weapons it might provide to the Syrian opposition but wants to prevent a wider war, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.

Kerry made the remarks on Tuesday as part of a joint press briefing with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Kerry responded to a question about what kind of weapons the U.S. might use to arm the Free Syrian Army. He said the type of weapons used were not a matter of public discussion.

"We never discussed the details of whatever class of weapons we might or might not be providing to anybody," Kerry said. "That is not a matter of public discussion. And I think our goal, as I stated, is very clear. We do not want this to be a wider war. We do not want (to) contribute to more bloodshed and a prolongation of the agony of the people of Syria. So our hope is to be able to speedily move to a place where the killing can end and the people of Syria will have a chance to choose their future. We believe that best is provided for through the Geneva process."

Kerry said the U.S. will keep providing assistance to the Syrian military coalition in an appropriate way.

Saud agreed with Kerry and said Saudi Arabia has no choice but to help the members of the Syrian opposition defend themselves.

"What led to this situation are simple and basic demands by the Syrians to make their lives a little better," Saud said. "But the reaction, the violent reaction of the regime by killing the opposition and murdering those it considers to be opposition, made it inevitable for the Kingdom, which is an Arab country that's a sister of Syria and has mutual interests with the Syrian people - it's left with no choice but to help that people defend themselves."