New realignment in ECBC helps advance protection

The U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center announced on Wednesday a realignment of collective and individual equipment into the Joint Service Physical Protection Engineering Branch.

The new JSPPE branch combines the Collective Protection and Individual Protection teams so that they could collaborate and work closer. The combination of teams will also allow for more resources and experienced personnel to be brought to the forefront of equipment development.

"We're able to draw off the technical resources - there's a lot of back and forth between ColPro and IP staff because we have common issues," Trish Weiss, IP team leader, said. "The combined Branch has been a really good thing for us."

The IP team will continue to aid with the current fielding of the Joint Service General Purpose Mask, the M50 and the Joint Service Aircrew Mask. It will also continue to give support to the Combat Support Team by helping conduct personal protective equipment training.

The ColPro team will continue to focus on the protection of multiple people and will especially focus on sustaining the legacy ColPro equipment, support to active acquisition programs, and support to protected fixed site facilities. Its responsibilities will still focus on maintain and fielding various ColPro systems, like protective filtration systems.