U.S. condemns al-Shabaab's attack on U.N. in Somalia

The U.S. condemns a despicable attack by al-Shabaab against U.N. workers in Somalia, National Security spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said on Wednesday.

Hayden said the attack targeted organizations and individuals working with the Somali government to provide economic opportunity, education, sanitation, clean water and health services. In other words, the people attacked were individuals trying to improve the future for the Somali people.

She said the attack emphasized the deplorable tactics used by the terrorist group.

"Today's attack highlights the repugnant terrorist tactics al-Shabaab continues to use to stand in the way of efforts to ease the suffering of the Somali people," Hayden said. "Whether by denying food and medical aid during one of the region's worst droughts, or by repeated attacks against fellow Somalis and soldiers helping to build a lasting peace, al-Shabaab has shown again and again that it stands on the side of death and destruction."

Hayden said the U.S. is a steadfast partner of the people and government of Somalia in their effort to build a more prosperous future. The U.S. also supports the necessary work of the U.N. toward forwarding the progress of Somalia.

Hayden said the U.S. commended the brave and fast response to the attack by Somali security forces and the African Union Mission in Somalia. She said the U.S. sends its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the attack's victims.