Morpho Detection announces purchase from Brazil

Morpho Detection, Inc., announced on Tuesday that Brazil's national airport operator, Infraero, has purchased 45 Itemiser DX desktop explosive trace detection systems.

The Itemiser DX is a portable, lightweight desktop device which detects residue of explosives on skin, bags, clothings, parcels, cargo, vehicles and other surfaces. The manufacturer's contract with Infraero states Morpho will be delivering the systems to Brazil airports later in the year, to help the airport support its security efforts among passenger and baggage screening areas.

"Morpho Detection is pleased that Infraero has recognized the operational capabilities of Itemiser DX by placing their first order for this industry-leading desktop trace solution," Brad Buswell, president and CEO, Morpho said. "Itemiser DX is another example of Morpho Detection's commitment to helping enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the aviation security screening processes through the deployment of advanced technologies."

Itemiser DX was heavily tested and evaluated before being approved for use by Infraero in Brazil. Morpho sought to be in compliance with global security regulations to provide Brazil a viable service with the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics approaching fast.

The Itemiser DX will be replacing current systems in the airport to provide the highest level of security possible during a time at which Brazil will have a tremendous influx of people.

"Our close coordination with Proscan was key to the success of this process," Marcio Lambert, managing director, Morpho Seguran├ža do Brazil said. "As Brazil continues to increase airport capacity and enhance security capabilities, Morpho is committed to expanding our footprint in Brazil and collaboration with local partners to meet current and emerging market needs."

The Itemiser DX, first released in 2009, is currently certified by six global agencies of regulation and over 3,000 units are currently stationed in airports, upholding security worldwide.