G8 leaders urge North Korea and Iran to abide by international obligations

The leaders of the G8 urged Iran and North Korea to fully comply with international obligations related to the two countries' nuclear programs, the White House said on Tuesday.

The G8 leaders made the statement during the recent summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, as part of a leaders communique released by the White House on Tuesday. The leaders said Iran continues to develop its nuclear program in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and that the country must comply with international obligations.

"We once again urge Iran to comply fully and without delay with these international obligations," the leaders said. "We call on the international community to ensure full implementation of U.N. sanctions. We stress that it is essential and urgent for Iran to cooperate fully with the (International Atomic Energy Agency) on all aspects of its nuclear program, including to resolve questions on its possible military dimensions, and to engage actively and constructively with the E3+3 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the U.K., the U.S. and the EU High Representative) to find the diplomatic resolution to the nuclear issue which we seek."

The leaders reaffirmed that Iran can avoid further isolation if it quickly addresses the concerns of the international community.

The G8 leaders also expressed concern about North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. They said North Korea must abandon its nuclear program and refrain from additional provocative actions.

"North Korea must meet its international obligations by completely, verifiably and irreversibly abandoning its nuclear and ballistic missile programs," the leaders said. "It must engage constructively in credible and authentic multilateral talks and refrain from provocative actions. It must abide by its obligations under relevant U.N. Security Council Resolutions and the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement of the Six Party Talks."

The leaders called on the international community to make sure U.N. sanctions were fully implemented against North Korea while it refuses to meet international obligations.