Ninth International Basic Course on Assistance and Protection held in Serbia

The Republic of Serbia and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons jointly organized the Ninth International Basic Course on Assistance and Protection from June 3 to 7 in Serbia.

The course was held at the NBC Training Centre of the Serbian Armed Forces in Krusevac, Serbia for 13 States Parties, which included Argentina, Algeria, Brazil, Ghana, Chile, India, Cambodia, Greece, Lesotho, Peru, Romania, Uruguay and Yemen.

The event was a continuation of an initiative to teach trainers how to respond to chemical weapon incidents, so they in-turn can teach the emergency response teams in their respective countries. The course also aimed to encourage international collaboration to engineer national programs to protect against chemical weapon threats and incidents.

The course taught response teams a basic introduction to protective equipment and also exposed attendees to characteristics and types of chemical warfare agents. The course taught responders how to detect and decontaminate a range of agents. The participants were also able to wear protective clothing and use different detecting and monitoring equipment.

A similar conference for Asian States Members took place from May 27 to 31 in Seoul, South Korea, with the same goal of preparing leading responders the fundamentals of combating a potential chemical weapon incident.