UNODA launches U.N. Trust Facility to support Arms Trade Treaty

In response to the opening for signature of the Arms Trade Treaty, the United National Office for Disarmament Affairs has launched the United Nations Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation.

The Facility will work to facilitate better coherence, coordination and information sharing through international assistance initiatives. The Facility was established to support all aspects of the ATT. It will also support projects of the United Nations Programme of Action to counter trade of small arms and light weapons.

The Facility has a provision to fund rapid-response activities, both to prevent conflicts and in the event an immediate response would be needed post-conflict in relation to the ATT and the Programme of Action's implementation. The Facility aims to help countries prevent armed conflict and violence internationally.

Annual grant-making will be a priority of the Facility. Its 2014 goal is to provide support following the ratification of the ATT, including legal and legislative assistance, institutional capacity-building and technical assistance.

U.N. agencies, international organizations, regional organizations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations are eligible to submit proposals for funding to the facility.

Current partners of the facility are Australia, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and UNODA.