Smiths Detection Threat Detector approved for use

The Smiths Detection Multi-Mode Threat Detector was approved for use on Tuesday after passing quality testing by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration for portable Explosive Trace Detection technologies.

The MMTD is in compliance with all of the TSA's Explosive Trace Detector Function Requirements Document. It is a handheld portable device which allows authorities to detect a wide range of threats in any location.

"With its advanced threat detection technologies, Smiths Detection enhances the security efforts of airports and governments around the world," Smiths Detection's Director of Sales to TSA Ted Grant said. "MMTD is effective for any airport, port or border that needs a hand-held system to detect a broad range of threats."

The MMTD can be used to rapidly detect and identify explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics and chemical warfare agents. It can detect explosives and narcotics from the same sample and can operate remotely with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Smiths Detection is a technology company that specializes in civil and military markets. It develops and manufactures technologies for the detection and identification of narcotics, contraband, chemical and biological agents and radiological and nuclear threats. Smiths Detection is a division of Smiths Groups, which employs 23,000 people across more than 50 countries.