Conference on Disarmament discusses methods of revitalization

The Conference on Disarmament was held at the United Nations Office at Geneva on Tuesday to discuss different possible methods for revitalization.

Ambassador Mohsen Naziri Asl of Iran, president of the Conference on Disarmament, opened the conference with a statement about national capacity. Asl said that amidst increasing demands for greater progress on disarmament, the main challenges facing the Conference were not procedural but substantive, and that efforts towards revitalization should focus on generating momentum and political will.

An open discussion among the delegates present took place after the opening address. The delegates talked about procedural and substantive challenges, which included questions about the rules of procedure and the need for political will. A few of the delegates pointed out that historically, procedure, in particular the consensus rule, had not prevented the Conference from negotiating multilateral disarmament instruments.

After the open discussion, a number of speakers called for the convening of the Fourth Special Session devoted to Disarmament so that the U.N.'s multilateral disarmament challenges could be fully met. The possibility of expanding the Conference's membership was also discussed.

The next Conference on Disarmament will be held on June 18.