ByteSurgery announces addition to [D4H] Hazmat software

ByteSurgery, Ltd., announced on June 4 the release of the newest addition of its specialized hazardous material incidents recorder [D4H] Hazmat.

Decisions [D4H] is a multi-award winning software that helps reduce hazmat incidents and improves operations by making emergency teams more accountable for their actions and preparing them for possible incidents.

The newest version of the [D4H] Hazmat is capable of monitoring incidents from industrial facilities, railroads, highways, waterborne, pipelines, ports, aircraft, and clandestine labs including explosives, pharmaceuticals, narcotics, fuels, alcohol distillation and weapons of mass destruction. It is capable of monitoring the hazmat materials whether they are actually spilled or just threatening to spill.

There is a preloaded database containing over 700 of the most common chemicals in the [D4H] software. It is also possible to analyze the frequency of hazards, which aids decisions in equipment procurement and training by recording formulas.

The [D4H] software can also work with recording samples and air monitoring. An unknown material can be tested on scene, which will create a reference number and record the time, date and location of the spill. The [D4H] software will then monitor and record the reading from the information put in.

ByteSurgery is located in Irelands and was incorporated on October 13, 2008. Its main product is the Decisions [D4H] software.