Texas woman arrested for allegedly sending ricin letter to President

A woman from Texas was arrested last week for allegedly sending letters filled with the toxin ricin to President Barack Obama and other government officials.

Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson from New Boston, Texas, was arrested in Arkansas Friday for her alleged involvement in the crime. Officials said she will be formally charged this upcoming Friday, UPI.com reports.

Richardson allegedly sent letters containing ricin to President Obama, The Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mark Glaze. She told FBI agents investigating the case that her husband sent the letters, but investigators have concluded that she was responsible, according to UPI.com.

Ricin is a toxin naturally present in castor beans. The toxin can be made into a powder, mist, pellet or liquid. Once inside the body, it prevents a cell from developing necessary proteins, which causes the cell to eventually die. With a high enough dosage, death may occur as a result of a ricin poisoning, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports.