Nominations announced for Future Policy Award 2013

The World Future Council, in partnership with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, announced on Thursday the nominations for the Future Policy Award 2013.

The Future Policy Award 2013 focuses on disarmament policies that contribute to the peace and sustain development and human security. This year, there are 25 nominations for the best policy practice.

This year saw global disarmament issues ranging from the growing threat of large-scale nuclear and chemical weapons being used, especially in the cases of North Korea and Syria, to smaller light weapons that undermine peace and incite armed violence.

Not all the news was negative, however, as this year also saw the historic passing of the United Nations Resolution on a global Arms Trade Treaty, something the World Future Council wants to draw attention to along with its focus on bringing global attention to the exemplary policies that the nominees have exhibited.

The nominees come from countries all over the world, including Albania, Belgium, Mongolia, and the United States.

The World Future Council is a charitable foundation based in Hamburg, Germany. Its goal is to bring the interests of future generations to the center of policy making by focusing on promoting change through disarmament.