U.K. Ministry of Defence looks for ways to speed up antibiotic development

The U.K. Ministry of Defence announced on May 29 that it is looking for innovative new ways to speed up the development of antibiotics to help support the United Kingdom's armed forces.

Antibiotics cost most pharmaceutical companies a large amount of time and come with a high risk of failure. Because of this, the MOD's Centre for Defence Enterprise, which is part of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, is looking for innovative new ideas from companies and individuals in the industry and academia.

The MOD is currently interested in ways to provide protection against bacterial pathogens that could be encountered when working in varying environments throughout the world. It is also interested in novel ways to defend against biological warfare.

The CDE, part of MOD, is searching for short-term, proof-of-concept research proposals for these novel techniques, tools and approaches in the area of antibiotic drug development. These processes would ideally provide a more reliable or faster way to produce these drugs.

The CDE is particularly interested in finding new ways to improve specific target inhibitor identification, structure-based drug design and potency for intracellular pathogens. The call for these new proposals will launch on June 25 and will close on August 29.