Press Secretary Carney: U.S. condemns Assad assault on Qusayr

In response to a recent attack of innocent civilians in Qusayr, Syria, U.S. Press Secretary Jay Carney made a statement warning all involved parties they would be held accountable for the heinous crime.

"The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the Assad regime's assault on Qusayr, which has killed untold numbers of civilians and is causing tremendous humanitarian suffering," Carney said.

Carney said the Syrian Arab Republic Government and other involved parties must allow neutral humanitarian agencies, such as the United Nations, the right to provide life-saving medical treatment to those affected by the attack.

Carney said it is believed Assad did not work alone in the attack, but relied upon Iran and Hizballah forces as well. Carney warned Iran and Hizballah to return to their countries and refrain from involvement in Syria's crisis. The U.S. and Lebanon have been working together to encourage Hizballah to disassociate from the Syrian conflict.

"The United States stands firmly on the side of the Syrian people in their fight for freedom and dignity," Carney said. "Assad's refusal to step aside is only prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people and postponing the inevitable. Assad's reign will end, and the Syrian people will build a new, democratic Syria without him. Those who have committed these heinous crimes against the Syrian people will be held accountable.