U.N. Secretary-General expressed concern over Syria

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern on Wednesday over the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war.

The civil war in Syria between the government and opposing forces has lasted for more than two years. It has grown in intensity over the past year, with reports of the government using chemical weapons on the rebellion and civilians coming from numerous sources. Over 70,000 people have died in the conflict and millions are without homes, which has sent refugees flooding into nearby countries and causing more strife in the region.

In April, Ban urged the Syrian government to allow for investigations into the use of chemical weapons. The Syrian government has not allowed any foreign party inside to investigate the allegations.

Recent reports, such as those coming from the U.N. Head of the Mission, which is set up to investigate the allegations, have caused even more concern in the U.N. A recent independent U.N. report said that chemical weapons had been used, but was unable to determine by whom.

The validity of this recent information, however, cannot be ensured due to the absence of convincing evidence. The U.N. holds firm that onsite investigations will have to take place in order to establish the facts and ease the current unease felt by the global community.