Ghana opens African Centre for Science and International Security

The nation of Ghana launched the African Centre for Science and International Security on May 24 to help ensure nuclear safety in Africa.

The new Centre is a science-based non-profit organization hosted by the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. The GAEC signed an agreement stating that the AFRICIS will be joint run with GAEC, which will better help the two organizations control nuclear threats and keep the safety in Africa.

"Today, with the increasing firepower of ever-more sophisticated criminal and terrorist organizations such as those attempting to smuggle illegal weapons or contraband through the boarder at ports, airports and by land, means that African countries' law enforcement officers will have also had to adapt to protect themselves and keep its nations out of harm's way," Dr Musheibu Mohammed Alfa, deputy minister in charge of science, technology and innovation, said.

The Centre, which is a first of its kind to be established in Africa, will use both science and technology in the fields of nuclear energy and space systems. The Centre will also address issues like detecting and dealing with hazardous threats and protecting civilians from weapons and dangerous CBRN materials.

Alfa said the Centre's focus will be directed towards providing objective research, policy-oriented technical training, practical policy and effective solutions for national and international security issues at the crossroad of applied science and technology.