U.S. and China continue to agree on denuclearized Korean Peninsula

The U.S. and China continue to share the view that the Korean Peninsula must denuclearize if there will be any diplomatic progress in North Korea, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the State Department, made the remarks on Tuesday during her daily press briefing. Psaki responded to questions about the recent North Korean envoy to Beijing. While one reporter said that Reuters reported on China trying to convince North Korea to stop conducting nuclear tests, Psaki had no comment on the matter.

"We remain - the United States and China share the view that denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is essential if we are to move forward in any diplomatic process with North Korea," Psaki said. "That's an issue that we work closely with them on. I'm sure it will be an issue discussed this weekend and moving forward. But beyond that, I don't have anything further."

Another reporter asked Psaki what her confidence level was related to denuclearizing North Korea if China did indeed fail to convince North Korea to stop testing. Psaki said the U.S. and China would work together to convince North Korea to abide by its international obligations.

"China is working with the U.S. and other members in continuing to press North Korea to abide by their international obligations, including the September 2005 joint statement of the Six-Party Talks," Psaki said. "We remain focused on pressing North Korea, as do, of course, the Chinese, and we have a shared goal of a denuclearized peninsula."