American Jewish Committee commends Canada for sanctions on Iran

Canada was commended for its sanctions against Iran on Thursday by the American Jewish Committee.

"Once again, Canada has demonstrated the leadership to act on principle in taking bold steps to confront the very real threat of an Iran capable of developing nuclear weapons," AJC Executive Director David Harris said. "As the Wall Street Journal reported today, Canada has 'gone further than any other Western nation in imposing trade-related penalties' against Iran, to which we say, 'Bravo.'"

John Baird, Canada's foreign affairs minister, acknowledged Tehran's refusal to respond to the International Atomic Energy Agency's claim that Iran is enriching its uranium for nuclear weaponry. Baird also noted the nation's "abhorrent human rights record" in defending the argument for other nations to increase sanctions with Iran as well.

"We are compelled to take further action against this reckless and irresponsible regime," Baird said.

The AJC and Baird have pleaded with nations to take action against Iran and its nuclear weapon development programs after Tehran rebelled against IAEA and UN Security Council resolutions.

The trade sanctions, which Canada established, exempt food, medicine, medical equipment and humanitarian goods.