CAC's Pytlak protests EU decision to allow weapon delivery to Syria

Campaign Manager for the Control Arms Coalition Allison Pytlak recently protested the European Union's decision on Monday to allow its member states to create their own policies about sending arms to Syria.

The EU had a meeting with its member states in regard to extending the arms embargo it currently has on Syria. After foreign ministers were unable to reach a unanimous decision, the EU said member states can create their own policies.

Pytlak reacted in outrage to the EU's decision, arguing that the export of arms to Syria will lead to more bloodshed and humanitarian violations in the country.

"More weapons inside Syria will only mean more bloodshed and further suffering for people trapped by fighting," Pytlak said. "We'll see more families forced to flee to neighboring countries and massive humanitarian consequences after the devastating decision to effectively lift the arms embargo on Syria."

Pytlak argued the Arms Trade Treaty was already agreed to in the early Spring and will be voted on June 3. The treaty states arms should not be traded if the likelihood of them being used to "commit violations of human rights or international humanitarian law" is present.

"On June 3, states will sign the treaty in a historical stand against armed violence that destroys families, devastates communities and rips apart whole nations," Pytlak said. "The terrifying conflict in Syria is stark proof that this international agreement is needed to stop weapons exacerbating already horrific abuses against civilians."