Netanyahu praises Menendez for recent passage of nuclear threat bill

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Sen. Robert Menendez (R-N.J.) on Wednesday for the recent passage of a bill supporting Israel against the Iranian nuclear threat.

Menendez, the chairman for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Netanyahu called Menendez a great friend to Israel and lauded the U.S. for acknowledging the security threat of a nuclear Iran.

"You did it again," Netanyahu said. "Your bill supporting Israel against the Iranian nuclear threat was passed by an amazing majority, I think 99 to zero. Very few people can accomplish something like that and it's the second time you've done it, because you've also had the important sanctions bill. And we know that you stand with us, as do the American people and the American government, the American Congress, against the greatest security threat of our time, which is Iran's quest for nuclear weapons. I think it's the greatest security threat to the United States, to the free world and to international peace."

Netanyahu said that all of Israel is united by the support and friendship of the United States.

Menendez recently led three different sets of sanctions laws to encourage Iran to curtail its nuclear ambitions. He said it was in the national interest of the U.S. to keep a strong relationship with the state of Israel.

"It's in the national interest and the national security of the United States to have a strong, unwavering relationship with the state of Israel - a true democracy in a very tough part of the world; a major security ally of the United States; a major trade partner of the United States; and a country most likely to be voting in common cause with us in international parts," Menendez said. "I haven't changed those views as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I continue to hold them, and I do agree with you that Iran is a major challenge. It's why I've led three different set of sanctions laws successfully, and the one thing about the Congress we may have very significant differences but the one thing that unites the American Congress is our relationship with Israel and we look forward to continuing that."