Denmark conducts biological agent simulation in Copenhagen

Biological weapons experts from multiple organizations and U.N. member states gathered in Copenhagen on Tuesday and Wednesday to test a new concept for the investigation of biological agents.

Denmark devised the two-day international tabletop exercise to test the concept for investigating the alleged use of biological pathogens. The concept is meant to reinforce U.N. efforts to counter biological terrorism. Denmark has already placed a team of experts from the Danish Center for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness at the U.N.'s disposal.

"Some of the most horrible images on our minds are of victims of chemical and biological warfare," Villy Søvndal, Danish minister for foreign affairs, said. "We need to take extraordinary measures to prevent such atrocities. I am pleased that Denmark with specialized capacities at our Center for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness has been able to make a difference in strengthening the international community's ability to investigate alleged use of biological weapons. Such contributions are necessary if the U.N. is to be able to transform the ambitious political goals of international agreements to counter the use of biological weapons into concrete results."

The U.N.'s mechanism to investigate the alleged use of biological and chemical weapons requires special equipment and experts.

The exercise employed a realistic scenario in which biological weapons use is suspected and the U.N. mechanism must be activated to manage a conflict that threatens to develop.