New book calls for humanity to abolish nuclear weapons

Dr. Akemi Bailey Haynie, a daughter of one of Hiroshima's survivors, announced on Thursday the upcoming release of her book, Winter Always Turns to Spring.

Haynie's book calls for humanity to abolish nuclear weapons. It does so by going through the tale of her mother, one of the survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

The story follows Sachiko Takata, a 14 year-old girl who lived in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped on her town. Not long after Japan surrendered, the death of Takata's mother awoke a strong desire to build a world where humans are treated with respect and humanity, free of the fear of nuclear weapons. She went on to marry an American soldier and move to the states, where she found Nichiren Buddhism and continued her life long mission.

"As well as telling my mother's story, the book is my cry to enlighten humanity to the need for the abolishment of nuclear weapons and how to tap into the indomitable spirit to never give-up," Haynie said. "Citizens world-wide have an invincible right to live. The nuclear threat is global with the profound ability to affect every human being on the planet. Simply put, nuclear weapons are unacceptable."

Winter Always Turns to Spring is due for release in the near future.