Kerry: Iran an everyday issue for U.S.

Iran's lack of cooperation with international officials over the country's nuclear policy is an issue the U.S. considers every single day, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday.

Kerry made the statement on Friday at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. When asked how concerned the U.S. is that the soon-to-be newly elected Iranian leadership would actually toughen Iran's stance on its nuclear program, Kerry said the U.S. was hopeful that Iran would negotiate peacefully with the rest of the world.

"It's our hope still that the Supreme Leader and the Iranian leadership will come to the table in a serious way with a serious offer in order to prove that their nuclear program, which they profess is peaceful, is indeed peaceful," Kerry said. "And I would reiterate - and I've said this before, and now it is almost a month or so even later - the clock is clearly ticking. And even today there are reports from the (International Atomic Energy Agency) of its dissatisfaction with its access, and we know of the continued efforts of Iranian development of its program."

Last week, Iran released a list of 80 candidates permitted to stand in the country's June 14 presidential elections. Iran's Guardian Council ruled out many moderate candidates and all 30 women candidates.

Kerry said the issue of a nuclear Iran is part of the daily discussion with the State Department.

"So this is an issue which is very, very much on our radar screen," Kerry said. "We think about it and look at it every single day, take stock of it on a regular basis, and our hope is, for the sake of the region, the world, the Iranian people, ourselves, that we can have a peaceful resolution. But it is going to have to be demonstrated much more affirmatively than it has been to date that Iran is interested in that kind of a solution and that they are, indeed, prepared to prove that their program is peaceful."