U.S. Secretary of State meets with Prime Minister of Jerusalem

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Prime Minister of Jerusalem Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday to discuss the U.S. commitment to making Israel's security a top priority.

Netanyahu began the meeting by welcoming Kerry to Jerusalem and thanking him for the U.S. support of Israel on multiple fronts, one of which being the U.S. stance against Iran's alleged nuclear program. Netanyahu also thanked the House Foreign Affairs Committee for upgrading its sanctions.

"I would reiterate that the United States of America is committed now, as it always has been and will be, to the security of Israel," Kerry said. "The security of Israel is paramount in our discussions with respect to the peace process."

The U.S. has held discussions with Prime Minister Tzipi Livni and General John Allen to ensure the security of the region, Kerry said. They have discussed what it would take the keep Israel a secure region and despite criticism, leaders are striving towards peace.

"Let me just say to everybody I know this region well enough to know that there is skepticism," Kerry said. "In some corridors, there's cynicism. And there are reasons for it. There have been bitter years of disappointment. It is our hope that by being methodical, careful, patient - but detailed and tenacious - that we can lay out a path ahead that could conceivably surprise people, but certainly exhaust the possibilities of peace."

The last issue the leaders discussed was the crisis in Syria and how to bring the conflict to an end, stopping bloodshed and also ensuring regional security to countries that have felt the shockwaves of the conflict.

"The United States is committed not only in its defense of Israel, but in its concerns for the region, to try to address this issue," Kerry said.