U.S. not aware of any violations in North Korea short-range missile launch

The U.S. is not aware of any U.N. sanction violations in North Korea's recent launch of several short-range missiles, the State Department said on Monday.

Patrick Ventrell, the acting deputy spokesperson for the State Department, responded to questions on Monday about the recent missile launch. Over the weekend, North Korea launched five short-range missiles. When asked if the missile launch represented a violation of U.N. sanctions, Ventrell said that he was not aware of any violations.

"I'm not aware that there's a U.N. - an 1874 type of violation here, but we certainly urge them to exercise restraint," Ventrell said. "We're closely monitoring the situation and we continue to urge North Korea to exercise restraint and take steps to improve its relations with its neighbors."

Ventrell was also asked if the State Department considered the missile launches to be provocative in any way. He said the U.S. has not given any new update to American citizens in South Korea about increasing the threat level or anything of that nature.

When asked if the U.N. planned to do anything about the latest launch, Ventrell said he was not aware of any U.N. meetings happening on the subject of the missiles.