DiCarlo advocates for U.N. to embrace Geneva plan for Syria

Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo, U.S. deputy permanent representative to the U.N., delivered a statement on Wednesday in the U.N. General Assembly, advocating a plan for Syria agreed upon in Geneva in June.

DiCarlo said that the war in Syria, which began as a peaceful protest from opposition forces, has become "brutal." Over 1.4 million refugees and 4.25 million Syrians have been displaced by the war, not including lives lost due to use of an "arsenal of heavy weapons, aircraft, ballistic missiles and potentially chemical weapons."

DiCarlo told the U.N. General Assembly that Syria was not the only country affected by the war. Due to the generosity of neighboring countries in taking in refugees, the entire region is facing security threats and economic stress. DiCarlo urged for a peaceful political movement from within Syria.

The U.S. and the Russian Federation announced a plan on May 7 to bring the Syrian regime and the opposition together under the terms of the plan agreed upon in Geneva in June. The new initiative, DiCarlo said, is consistent with the previous efforts.

"Adopting this resolution will send a clear message that the political solution we all seek is the best way to end the suffering of the people of Syria," DiCarlo said. "We support this resolution, have co-sponsored it and urge member states to vote in favor of it."