OPCW Deputy Director-General Asirwatham visits Croatia

Ambassador Grace Asirwatham, the deputy director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, visited Croatia to inaugurate the 12th Regional Meeting of National Authorities in Eastern Europe on May 13 and 14.

The OPCW is an intergovernmental organization that promotes and verifies adherence to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the use of chemical weapons and asks countries to destroy any stockpiles of them. The OPCW works in cooperation with the United Nations and is located in Hague, Netherlands.

Asirwatham said regional meetings as a forum for National Authorities to review and discuss issues relating to the practical implementation of the CWC are extremely important. She went on to say that it is vital for these regional meetings to share experiences and best practices to foster cooperation among the varying states.

Asirwatham commended the National Authorities of States in Eastern Europe for their work on strengthening the effective national implementation in the region. She also urged the states to participate in deliberations, especially ones dealing with new initiatives and approaches, technical tools and produces and practical information related to national implementation.

Asirwatham gave an overview of the current status of implementation of the CWC and its ongoing work during a bilateral meeting with Assistant Minister in the Directorate-General for Multilateral Affairs and Global Issues of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Vesna Batistic Kos.