Davies: U.S. looks forward to hearing more about Japan's trip to North Korea

The U.S. looks forward to learning more about a Japanese ambassador's recent visit to North Korea, a State Department official said on Thursday.

Glyn Davies, the State Department's special representatives for North Korea policy, made the statement on Thursday in Tokyo during his visit with his counterparts in Japan. Davies responded to questions about Isao Iijima, an aid to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Iijima's recent visit to North Korea. Davies said he has started to learn more about the encounter.

"I have begun the process of learning a bit more about it," Davies said. "I will have all of these meetings that I have just outlined tomorrow, where perhaps I can get more insights about the issue. As I understand it, this mission that you are referring to is still underway, and I think we have some days to wait - all of us -- before we know if there are any results from this mission."

Davis said the U.S. and Japan will continue to coordinate closely on North Korea, in particular with the issue of denuclearization.

"That's why it is important, and I want to underscore this, that we stay connected very closely, all of us stay knitted up on the issue of how we approach North Korea," Davies said. "It think it's very important that, looking forward, we continue to coordinate very closely on this issue of dealing with North Korea, in particular on this fundamental issue that we all share of trying to find a way to sharpen the choices for North Korea so that it comes back to its commitments and obligations on denuclearization and actually begins by taking steps that demonstrate its seriousness of purpose."

Davies said that he did not know if he would have further details about Iijima's trip by the end of his visit. Davies was scheduled to return to Washington on Saturday.

"I don't know if I'll have more details before I go," Davies said. "So, on this one, all I can really do is speculate, and I don't want to get into speculating, that's not helpful. I'm here to put the accent on the strength and solidarity of the bilateral relationship, and hope that in that spirit the United States and Japan can continue to work together very closely on this exceedingly important issue of North Korea, in all of its aspects going forward."