AnaptysBio awarded contract to develop anti-ricin antibodies

AnaptysBio, Inc., announced on Wednesday the receipt of a contract award from the U.S. government for the creation of highly thermostable anti-ricin antibodies to use in biodefense measures.

AnaptysBio is under contract with the Science and Technology Corporation and will deliver anti-ricin antibodies to the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center of the U.S. Army. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency funded the contract and is one of many partnerships between AnaptysBio and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

AnaptysBio's unique antibody platform, SHM-XEL, and its proprietary antibody scaffold will be used to develop the antibodies for this project. When the antibody platform and scaffold are used together, they can create a number of antibodies with a range of thermostability properties.

One of the biggest advantages to this process is the ability to keep the antibodies in room temperature conditions, not simply cold conditions, which is typically the case. This gives AnaptysBio an advantage in antibody production, distribution and storage.

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with the U.S. government to address emerging biodefense priorities," Hamza Suria, president and CEO of AnaptysBio, said. "The speed and technical advantages of our SHM-XEL technology platform continue to attract new partnerships. Our platform's features have permitted AnaptysBio to rapidly develop a differentiated internal product pipeline against emerging targets of interest to pharma."

AnaptysBio seeks to develop therapeutic antibodies to address unmet medical needs, such as cancer immunotherapy, in both humans and animals.